Ayam Ciparage

Ayam Ciparage The Legend Game Fowl of Indonesia

Ayam Ciparage is the legend game fowl of Indonesia. This chicken breed is comes from the ciparage area in Cilamaya Village, Karawang regency of West Java, Indonesia (view Maps). The birds has sturdy body shape with sharp spurs and shiny feathers, large wings and dense tail feathers. First owner of the Ciparage is Duke Raden Adipati Singaperbangsa the Prince of Sunda Empire.

Ayam Ciparage
Ayam Ciparage


There was a person who served as head so popular and has a fondness for keeping the chickens. One of the rooster is so strong and always be champions in each battlefield. On one day, without any suspicion in advance the chickens had a village head of natural defeat. Ironically, the chicken that conquered the rooster had the head of this village had a smaller body size.

Descendants of this wild chicken are believed to still exist today and more popularly known as Ayam Ciparage. and also believed this bird is the oldest game fowl lineage in Indonesia.


Various sources mentioned the ayam ciparage has a very fast and high fighting style, high accuration and never miss his target. That’s way the ciparage is be able to beat chicken breed that has bigger than him. Their blow is very serious danger and known to be high lethal. But now their population is going down due to minim knowledge and cross breed by local farmer. To found pure ciparage is quite bit hardly.


Breed Name : Ciparage
Main Purpose : Game Fowl
Type : Large Fowl
Size : Medium
Color : Black, Red, Starling
Origin : Karawang, Indonesia
Status : Extremely Rare