Ayam Cemani

Ayam Cemani The Exotic Black Chicken of Indonesia

Ayam Cemani is amazing chicken breed. This beautiful bird has totally black color entirely his body, black feathers, black skin, meat, bone and deep into their internal organs is black. Its doe to their high melanin pigment that called Fibromelanosis. The fibromelanosis condition is a complex genetic trait result from rearrangement a chromosomal.

Exoticism and beauty of the Ayam Cemani is always attraction. Many people’s mainly poultry breeders and hobbyist arrest attention for this beautiful Indonesian black chicken.

Ayam Cemani
Ayam Cemani

Ayam is mean chicken and Cemani is Sanskrit for solid black. Ayam Cemani is mean Total Black Chicken. Cemani has named by Indonesian oldies peoples due to their perfect black color. And now its also called Lamborghini Chicken.

Cemani was founded along the collapse of Majapahit Kingdom. The birds has been brought to the royal palace of Demak by Ki Ageng Makukuhan to cure Prince of Demak “Latitude Katon” and this way is become popular and start the traditions that the Ayam Cemani is usefully to cure certain disease.

Time to time the cemani has increasing their natural feature and function, peoples also believed keep the ayam cemani will brings luck and happiness for the owners. And then the birds is also commonly used for sacrifice in ritual ceremony when start some constructions project such as develop a new building or bridges. Special feature of this amazing birds is often used in sacrifice to win the elections.

This is the reason why cemani has quite bit a high price and always wanted by local and international breeders and hobbyist to collect.

Ayam cemani baby chick
Ayam cemani baby chick

Introduce to Worldwide

However, the ayam cemani had been brought into Europe from Indonesia in 18th century by sailors of the Dutch East India Company. We never know if the birds grow or increase their population. There is also possibility the cemani has created a new strain. But to found the Ayam Cemani in Europe is quite bit hardly and more hard to found in other continents as hard as countries out side of Indonesia.  Only few lucky peoples has been keep the Ayam Cemani.

Due to high demand in both local and International market, Indonesian breeder and also International from many countries has began to expand in efforts farming for this beautiful chicken breed. There is exist cemani groups in over the world concert doing good work for this chicken breed to get the best Ayam Cemani.


Breed Name : Cemani
Color : Black
Type : Large Fowl
Size : Medium
Weight : Male 2 – 3,5 Kg | Female ; 1 – 2 Kg
Egg Production : 60 – 80 / years
—— color : Cream colored
—— size  : 80 grams – 115 grams
Reproduction : 5 – 6 month old
Diet : Layers, rice, corn, beans, seed, bugs, grasses etc
Behavior : Fun and friendly birds
Origin : Indonesia