Red Jungle Fowl

Red Jungle Fowl The Ancestor of All Chicken Breeds

Red Jungle Fowl as know as Gallus gallus is a medium-sized birds with about 78 cm length and the female is smaller about 46 cm length. The birds has soft neck feathers with golden brown and yellow. Their Face is light red, with brown iris, and dark green back and saddle feathers.

The Birds has perfect red comb and wattles and beautiful tail feather about 14 to 16 glossy black green color feathers tail. Grey legs and very sharp spurs. The Female has shorter feathers, dark yellow color and brown pattern with dark spots.

This species is ancestral to the all domestic chicken breed. Red jungle fowl was first domesticated at least five thousand years ago in Asia, then taken around the world, and the domestic form is kept globally as a very productive food source of both meat and eggs.

Red Jungle Fowl
Red Jungle Fowl

Spread and Range

The Red Jungle Fowl are widespread in tropical forests in the Asian continent, from the Himalayas, China, Southeast Asia, to Sumatra and Java. The range of the wild form stretches from South India (where it has almost certainly been diluted with cross breeding from domestic breeds) eastwards across southern China and into Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.

In Indonesia there are two subspecies of Gallus gallus, namely as Gallus gallus spadiceus originating from northern Sumatra, and Gallus gallus bankiva originating from Java, Bali and Lombok Island.


Adult birds and juvenile are living grouped with a few members of males and females. In the morning the birds went to go out for looking some food and go down to the ground. The Red Jungle Fowl diet consists a variety of grains, grass and leaves, insects and various of bugs.

The female is laying about 5 or 6 eggs in season and broody the eggs for about 21 days. The eggs is smaller and has cream or brown colored eggs . Red jungle baby chicks are taken care of by both of their parents. Chicks can fly at the age of one week. Red Jungle Fowl is believed to be the ancestor of all chicken breed in the world.