Ayam Cemani The Most Expensive Chicken Breed

Most Expensive Chicken Breed

As we know that the ayam cemani is rare breed of chicken. Even in Indonesia as a natural habitat of ayam cemani. Only a few lucky Indonesian  farmers can kept good quality of Ayam cemani.

This chicken breed is stunning exotic birds which has a beautiful coat with a dominant black color that covered his entire body.

In the place of its natural habitat, the ayam cemani is commonly called as the magic chicken. Because people was believed that the ayam cemani have magical powers for healing and cure.

Ayam Cemani
Ayam Cemani

Ayam Cemani The Most Expensive Chicken Breed

It is not surprise when this chicken breed are going to sale with very fantastic price. In  United States many peoples amazed when the ayam cemani release for into country and also shocked after seeing the price tag.

Press release in Media and quote about ayam cemani in the states  prepared to sell for $ 5,000.

For us who live in Indonesia, we have been familiar with the very expensive price for ayam cemani. here we will see peoples who want to buy and sell ayam cemani with very expensive prices more than US $ 5000.

Ayam cemani price tag in Indonesia.

Nice forum talking about ayam cemani price

in this site the price is IDR 50.000.000 – IDR 250.000.000 ( US $ 50.000 – US $ 250.000 )

in this site the price is IDR ( US $ 135.000.000 )

in this site the price is IDR ( US $ 200.000.000 )

in this site the price is IDR. 475.000.000.000 ( US $ 475.000.000 )

But wait,.. its not easy to sell your ayam cemani to the peoples who want to buy with that price, because they have special requirement for the birds they want to pay. usually and almost all people who want to pay your cemani with very very high price is for the ayam cemani black blood.

I’m not sure if there is ayam cemani black blood even many people here say and admit they have seen or keep the ayam cemani black blood. or maybe only lucky people can have ayam cemani black blood. I think for this one we need to consult with magician or witch expert.