Ayam Cemani Black Blood

Ayam Cemani Black Blood ?…. As we know that the quality of the ayam cemani in measuring the levels of its black color. And the best of ayam cemani is  the birds who’s have a black blood. it is hard to find and almost impossible to be found.

But in our country there is of rumors and paradigms that the ayam cemani  have a black blood. Even some people admit if they are have ever kept or seen the ayam cemani black blood.

I’ve never found it by my self, so I tested my Ayam Cemani by my self and here is the result,

Test Result

Ayam Cemani black blood Ayam Cemani black blood Ayam Cemani black blood
Well, .. although it does not have a black blood, but its quite a dark red color. but not  like the color of others chicken whos them have a lighter color blood generally .