Quality of Ayam Cemani

Quality of Ayam Cemani
Ayam Cemani

As we know the ayam cemani is black chicken who’s concert to their black color. The best quality of Ayam cemani will be depending to their color level. More darker more better. and quit bit high prized.

Traditions the people’s in Indonesia to provide valuation quality of ayam cemani is by referring to the black levels on the possessed.

And who occupied the highest top quality of Ayam cemani is AYam Cemani Black tounge. According to the community breeder, the best quality of ayam cemani is the birds who’s has 100% black color , including solid black mainly at their tonge. And then the ayam cemani which has grey tounge.

All of out side on the body of ayam cemani such, feathers, combs, feet, and other body including the outside of the chicken is invisible to the eye, a whole color of ayam cemani is black.

Basically meaning of the word “Cemani” its self means “total black” which is the traditional javanese language. So Ayam Cemani is jet black chicken (Total Black). Many people claim if they have a pure ayam cemani, but in some parts of the chicken’s has other color like red, green, etc..

So if you find the ayam cemani with other color than black, you should be suspicious, that your ayam cemani is probably has been crossed with other chicken.