Ayam Cemani For Consumption

Ayam Cemani For Consumption

Have you ever seen a black chicken ? We don’t mean a black-feathered chicken we mean is Ayam Cemani, which is black-pigmented right down to its bones.

They aren’t commonly found in the grocery store, but you might see them in Asian groceries. What’s the deal with these black chickens, and do they taste different than the paler breed?

Ayam Cemani are a highly-prized breed of chicken that has beautiful body shape and color. They have a mild-mannered nature and make excellent pets, and you’ll often see them at poultry shows.

Ayam Cemani for Consumption
Ayam Cemani Soup


This chicken breed is the black chicken with high level of fibro melanin pigment, the meat, bones are black as well into deep to the internal organ. But the meat really doesn’t taste different by nature. it’s just a chicken.

However, the difference is comes from the way of the birds has been are raised. These obviously aren’t factory-farmed birds, raised on the enormous scale of US poultry farms, so they’re almost invariably free-range and slightly gamier in flavor. In fact, if you’re looking for free-range and well-raised birds, choosing a black chicken is a good way to go.

Do you ever eat black chicken? How do you cook it? It seems that a roasted black bird would be slightly startling to guests; perhaps you’re better off with soup?

here they are cook ayam cemani  with American style and Chinese style