Black Color of Ayam Cemani

Black Color of Ayam Cemani
Ayam Cemani Black Tounge

Black color of Ayam Cemani is due to the high content of chemical compounds determinant meat color. The chickens have very special in all parts of his body, which tend to be black as compared to other fibro chicken breed. The black color of ayam Cemani is determined by the melanin.

Melanin is the dark pigment commonly found in non-meat. Melanin is generally not found in muscle tissue, but present in the skin tissue. Black chicken has contain higher melanin than white.


Observations to determine the presence of melanin in the black chicken needs to be done. Melanocyte cells produce melanin which is what determines the color of skin and feathers (MCGRAW and HILL 2006). According Ortolani-MACHADO et al. (2009) the formation of melanin in the dermal epidermal similar to skin. However, melanin pigment was also found in tissues other than the skin membrane of birds, feathers in the form of black or brown eumelanin and pheomelanin red or yellow (VELISEK et al., 2007). Color of the meat changes because of processing. QIAO et al. (2002) states, that color is a quality attribute that affects consumers in receiving a variety of food products, including poultry meat.

The Colors tend to be more black meat showed septicemia and toxemia are indications of the pathogen or toxin in the blood vessel system (BOULIANNE and KING, 1998). However, unlike the Cemani chicken, black meat known as fibromelanosis (PURNAMASARI, 2009). Fibromelanosis is a combination of the effects of black pigment melanin in the skin and the red blood capillaries.

QIAO et al. (2001) reported that the degree of acidity negatively correlated to the value of L * (lightness) color of meat. And KING BOULIANNE (1998) reported that the color is darker than normal color of chicken breast fillets revealed high pH, ??high myoglobin content, and high levels of iron (Fe) and total heme (CLARK et al., 1997).

Use acidic chemicals such as citric acid can affect the color of pale broiler meat. But not yet assessed the extent of its influence on the color of ayam cemani meat.