Legend of Ayam Cemani

Legend of Ayam Cemani
Ayam Cemani

Ayam Cemani is not only regarded as sacred chicken breed, but its also a special ornamental chickens. It is purported to have the ability animal refuse reinforcements. For those who believe  eating cemani meat can cure certain diseases for some peoples communities

Now the Ayam Cemani is reincarnates as the most exotic chicken breed in the world and go to the top of most wanted chicken breed for  local and International breeder and hobbies.

Cemani is Sanskrit which means is “Total Black”.

there is also a legend that still living today that keep the ayam cemani will get luck, wisdome and fortune.

The Legend of Ayam Cemani

long time ago before the Independent day, living a holy hermit named Ki Agung Mandraguna Makukuhan, a his work to collected all black chicken.

One day while praying on a sacred graveyard, he earned a whisper to cure disease of Panembahan Hargo Pikukuh son named Latitude Katon, which is must be  treated with ayam cemani.

How further the process is not clear, but eventually suffered his illness was cured . and then the ayam cemani has ultimately owned as a symbol of healing.

and today that tradition is still alive and trustworthy. This chicken breed was often used  magical things. For example for Ruwatan ceremony, the development of factories, or buildings a bridges and aslo for the election. And its also apply for magical illnes like “Santet”.


the rumors will come back hot when we got the election. Demand for this breed will increase as a rocket, that was the classical reason that a lot of ayam cemani breeder in Indonesia is survive to run this business.

Actually for the hobbies its really nice to keep the beautiful rare breed chickens. and kept them as a pet and also we can breed them to get a cute baby chicks.