Ceylon Jungle Fowl

Ceylon Jungle Fowl

Ceylon Jungle Fowl also know as The Sri Lankan Jungle fowl (Gallus lafeyetii) was first described in 1831 by Lesson and is a member of the family Gallus, the same family as the domestic chicken. The ancestor to all domestic chickens is the Red Jungle fowl (Gallus gallus). It has the distinct honor of being the national bird of Sri Lanka and is depicted in postage stamps.

Ceylon Jungle Fowl
Ceylon Jungle Fowl


There are 4 species of Gallus so far recorded from Asia.

  • The Red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus),
  • Grey jungle fowl (Gallus sonneratii),
  • Green jungle fowl (Gallus varius)
  • Sri Lankan jungle fowl (Gallus lafeyetii).


Ceylon Jungle Fowl is a fairly common bird. It spends its life in forest or its outskirts, never venturing far from cover, though, especially in wet weather, it likes to frequent open places, such as roadsides or glades.

In summer, males are slowly molting and their comb shrinks in size. that was sign for reproduction


They feed consists of grain, weed seeds, berries, various succulent leaves and buds, and a large proportion of small animals, such as crickets, centipedes and termites.