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Ayam Bekisar Hybrid

Ayam Bekisar hybrid  are hybrids chicken. They are an F 1 (first generation) Hybrid between a Green Jungle Fowl male and domestic breed female. The hybrid is originated from Madura Island in East Java, Indonesia. The males were traditionally used to help people to keep in touch with each other when they were out at sea […]

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Ceylon Jungle Fowl

Ceylon Jungle Fowl Ceylon Jungle Fowl also know as The Sri Lankan Jungle fowl (Gallus lafeyetii) was first described in 1831 by Lesson and is a member of the family Gallus, the same family as the domestic chicken. The ancestor to all domestic chickens is the Red Jungle fowl (Gallus gallus). It has the distinct […]

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Grey Jungle Fowl

Grey Jungle fowl also known as Sonnerat’s Jungle fowl is a wild relative of domestic fowl found in India. The birds is found in most of Peninsular India, while the Red Junglefowl is found more along the foothills of the Himalayas. Grey Jungle Fowl is a beautiful species that originates from the fertile and exotically […]

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Jungle Fowl

Jungle Fowl Jungle fowl is the first species of chickens. Come from pheasant family, this species is a father of all chickens breed in the world, There is many kind and type of chicken breed in the world and all breed is come from Jungle fowl . In Scientific its also called as Gallus as […]

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Bekisar Hybrid

Bekisar’s The Hybrid Chicken

Bekisar Hybrid Bekisar Hybrid, as know as the Ayam Bekisar, is the first generation hybrid offspring of the Green Junglefowl (Gallus varius) and domesticated Red Junglefowl from Java (Gallus gallus bankiva). The roosters have a glossy blackish green plumage and are highly prized for their loud clear calls and striking colouration, while the hens are usually […]

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