• How to Order ?
    You can order directly from our home page or browse our Products
  • Is there is minimum inquiry ?
    Yes. we have minimum order to balance the shipping cost.
    and its depending to product that your order. minimum inquiry will show at the cart page.
  • Can I mix my order ?
    Yes you can. For mix order, you can put an order manually or fill our order form.
    We’ll send you an Invoices for price detail and payment instructions.


  • Do i need to create document ?
    Yes. you need to create an import permit or import declare.
  • Where i can create my import permit ?
    You can create the papers at department of agriculture or quarantine.
  • How long to create import permit ?
    Normally is only few minutes.


  • Do you Ship to Worldwide ?
    Yes We ship to all around the world.
  • What is shipping courier we can use ?
    Air line cargo with port to port service
  • How long the transport time to ship the birds ?
    The transport time is less then 12 hours, depending to destination country.
  • Is the birds go to quarantine ?
    Yes. all animal and plant will go to quarantine to inspect and declare by customs.
  • How long it will be in quarantine?
    Its depending to your country regulation.
    Some countries does not quarantine and some countries must be 7 days or more.
  • Is the hatching eggs will be quarantine ?
    No,  The customs will inspect and cleared for goods and documents only.
  • Do you guarantee the hatching eggs will hatch  ?
    No. and no one’s can guarantee the eggs will hatch.
  • Do the birds guaranteed will alive in transport ?
    We have DOA Guarantee for live birds arriving dead with money back guarantee.
  • Do i have to pick up at the airport ?
    Yes. you have to pick up your order at the airport.
  • Can you ship to my door ?
    No. except you use forwarder or transporter service and you will be charge extra cost.
  • What is Transporter ?
    Transporter is shipping courier service with full experience in export and import.
  • Can I choose transporter / forwarder from my country ?
    Yes you can. you can found a lot of forwarder at your country.
    you can also use the transporter / forwarder from third Country.
  • What is  good Transporter or Forwarder for shipping live birds ?
    Pet or animal Transporter.
    There is International Pet and Animal Transporter Association (IPATA)
    You can choose one of IPATA members or another outside IPATA.
  • Is there other way beside transporter or forwarder ?
    Yes. you can also use Import agent or Customs Broker.


  • What is payment method accepted ?
    Telegraphy Transfer (T/T)
    Letter of Credit (L/C)
    Western Union
    Bank Transfer


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