Shipping Live Birds And Hatching Eggs

Shipping live birds and hatching eggs over countries is the same way as import / export for a pet or animals and plants. There is a few regulation and paperwork that we need to complete and understand.

Shipping our product will be in list regulations of export / import for Pet or Birds For Pet.


As the Importer, you will need a paper for incoming goods from foreign country. The paper is named as Import Permit.  In other countries its also called as Import Declare or Import Licence. (Its Conditional) Some countries doesn’t need an import permit. For further information, Please contact your Agricultural Department / Customs .

You can create the import permit at Department of Agriculture. Some countries pass it to the customs or quarantine Dept. You can also create the permit for 1 or 3 years registration. Please contact your Agricultural Department / Customs for further information.

We as the exporter is also create a few papers for export permission.
The papers that we’ll create is on the list below :

  • Proforma Invoice
  • Airways Bill / Bills of Leading
  • Packing List
  • Health Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin ( Conditional )


Shipping live birds and hatching eggs or other pet and animals is the shipping in rush mode. The courier will recommend for the right flight and scheduled to get the fastest flight route.

  • Shipping Methode : Shipping is port to port services. you will be add extra cost for shipping door to door.
  • Courier : Live birds and hatching eggs will used courier for pet and animal cargo transportation.
  • Packing : Air line has a standard for packing live birds and hatching eggs. we’ll follow all air line instruction.
  • Transport Time : Normally the transport time is less then 24 hours. (Depending to Destination)
  • Quarantine : Your birds will go to customs and quarantine for inspect and declare. some countries doesn’t quarantine and some countries will need to quarantine your birds for 3 – 7 days or more. Its only apply for live birds, not for hatching eggs. Please contact your Agricultural customs for further information.

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