Pure Ayam Cemani

Pure ayam cemani is not a difficult thing to know and learn even for beginners who’s are new to this breed. Its maybe quite bit hard to recognize the purity of Ayam Cemani mainly for the baby chicks under 1 month old.

Actually, determined the purity of ayam cemani can be done earlier since the cute baby chick hatch out from the eggs.

Here is some reference to know the purity of Ayam cemani.

Pure Ayam Cemani
Pure Ayam Cemani

Pure Ayam Cemani


Basically to determine the Pure Ayam Cemani can be done in just watch their important part as below ;

  1. Throat
  2. Tongue
  3. Skin
  4. Cloaca

All parts of that’s section above is must be black color. more dark more better. This is important indicates that the bird has a high levels of melanin pigment.

Pure Ayam Cemani
Pure Ayam Cemani

Body Shape

Pure Ayam cemani is quite look like a Game fowl.
The birds is study and has perfect body shape. I mean their not bigger as broiler chicken. Although it is felt may be due to different feed patterns and nutrition. Actually there is truly difference between big and fat.

Slim face and slightly longer neck.
They have slim face with round black eyes and their neck is slightly longer, so the birds is look like tall.

pure ayam cemani
pure ayam cemani

Exist Birds in Worldwide

Many breeders from various countries breeding the ayam cemani and post them beautiful birds on the internet. We can see and watch the picture and videos on internet, there are a lot of beautiful birds of Ayam Cemani many kind of type coloration and body shape. we can start to learn from here.

why there is difference variation for this breed ?
For sure we don’t know what really happened.
Yes we exported our birds in past few years to many countries. We exported the best breed from our breeding stock live birds and hatching eggs.  but now we can not recognized our blood line exist there,…


Tips & Trick

Most important things is never ever cross them. before you have enough stock to start you breeding program for the Pure Ayam Cemani don’t ever think to cross them out.

And the second tips is do not ever let your ayam cemani get sick for a long while.
Get update condition for your birds as early as possible. When they look lazy give them a vitamins or extra energy immediately. The vitamins will work early to get them back to Top condition, its also keep them stronger.

You can also compare your ayam cemani to Standard Ayam Cemani