Choosing Fertile Eggs

Choosing Fertile eggs For Hatching
Choosing Fertile eggs For Hatching

Choosing Fertile eggs for hatching.

Chicken eggs are good quality and will determine the outcome of a quality chick hatching also, there are several ways to choose a quality chicken eggs and hatching or good for direct consumption may also, following ways:

Note the thickness of the skin of the chicken eggs, choose the ideal thickness, not too thick and not too thin, if it’s too thick it will be difficult if the chicks will come out when the hatch, but if it’s too thin then usually be less healthy poultry that is not good quality.


Select the oval shape of eggs and smooth, and has a same weight and no cracks at the shell. Ideal shape is oval eggs are not too round and not too oblong with length and width ratio is 3: 4. weighing between 40-50 grams so that later when the chicks hatch has almost the same weight and have a growth same together.

Air Bags Conditions inside the eggs, Good air bags will look clear and sturdy with a depth of about 3mm from the inside of the egg.  while the air bag is not good depth of more than 4.5mm and looks cloudy. Usefulness of the air bag in the egg is very important. The air bag serves as a source of air for prospective chicks will hatch. Prospective chicks started using this air bag on day 19 in the hatching process. The position of the air bag can be seen by observation.

Ideal Eggs for Hatching

The most ideal fertile eggs is 4 days and maximum is 7 days. Except that the egg gets special treatment to maintain quality of eggs in order to remain good missal with certain tools.

Choose  eggs from healthy broody stock. This is important so that there is no hereditary disease to chick, and the chickens will rate good health.

Nice treatment and the selection of the proper range chicken eggs to produce chicks are good quality and so also in the process of raising the chicks will also be faster and can quickly get the result of harvest raising ayam cemani chickens.